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Expansion of Almanzor

The extensive intervention of Almanzor in the Cordoban Aljama did not involve any new contributions from an artistic viewpoint. In contrast with the richness of the expansion of Al-Hakam II, the carving of the voussoirs of the arches is imitated using paint, with no alternation between stone and brick. Despite this, Almanzor's contribution was important in terms of space. Let us not forget that not only was he responsible for the consecration of the characteristic architectural module, but he also configured a spacious and proportioned building. Therefore, this constructive phase, of eight new naves to the eastern side, involved the loss of the traditional axis that structured the building and brought with it the corresponding expansion of the courtyard eastwards, to which he added an underground tank.

Moreover, we cannot forget that Almanzor's mosque also provides a new reading, that which is offered by the testimony of the stonemasons working on this phase, as can be seen in the markings carved into shafts and capitals.

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